In fact, buying at the retest means the trade is much lower than one placed at the top of the breaking candle. Therefore, less money would be lost in case the trade became a loser. In the final phase of the trap, there is usually a huge bullish candle that dominates most of the immediate candlesticks to the left. In the above image, we can see that the bulls were in control of the price movement for most of the time. All traders have memories of trades that appeared very obvious to them, but, once they were in, the trades turned against them and ended as losers. The chart above shows Unum Group with a Triple Bottom Breakdown.

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: This Indicator Points that the Bottom is Here or Nearby.

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One day, I will have the opportunity of meeting you and telling you how much you have helped me in my financial freedom journey. Its easy to understand and simple there’s a lot I’ve learnt from it. I love your lessen always easy to understand and always learning new things. Read more about waves platform price here. Where you have a series of strong green or red candles breaking out. Rayner, Thanks for explaining the real difference between true break out and a trap. We are very thankful to you for helping people like us because of we are able to learn and earn in the market. I love a strong trend thanks to your books, this specific email will help a lot.

Point & Figure Patterns

Options trading subject to TD Ameritrade review and approval. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before investing in options. The S&P 500’s retreat from all-time highs in January 2022 suggests investors had witnessed a bull trap weeks before this article’s publication date. Three white soldiers is a bullish candlestick pattern that is used to predict the reversal of a downtrend. A dragonfly doji is a candlestick pattern that signals a possible price reversal. The candle is composed of a long lower shadow and an open, high, and close price that equal each other. Bull traps occur when buyers fail to support a rally above a breakout level. A failed retest bear trap, however, happens, pushing the candlestick back above the support to make a reversal.

Swing highs are analyzed to show trend direction and strength. The sudden reversal of the rally creates a sharp reaction that quickly forces prices back down, erasing the losses gained in the rally. Additionally, trend confirmation signals are never 100% accurate. Therefore, there will always be a degree of speculation on every trade. Based on the above sections, you’re probably already thinking that it’s best to simply not trade a bull trap at all. Bull traps can also happen when there is low liquidity in the market. If it’s not easy to enter or exit the market due to low liquidity, volatility becomes more severe. When this happens, even small buy orders can result in a large upward movement on the chart.

Why Do Bull Traps Happen

Your position closes when the market price falls below that static stop-loss price level. Be sure to understand all risks involved with each strategy, including commission costs, before attempting to place any trade. Clients must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situations, before trading. Within this time frame, that pinnacle turned out to be the end of the diving board. Amid rising geopolitical tensions and inflation worries, bullish buyers would take a nearly 20% ride down to bear territory as of mid-June 2022, with more volatility to come . But if it shows signs of strength by closing above the previous candle high, I exit the trade. And the longer the price hovers at Resistance, the more traders will short and buy stop orders that would cluster above Resistance. Several days of positive trading, in which daily min-max prices are broad.
View our full suite of financial calendars and market data tables, all for free. So you need to know the 6 of the bearish reversal candlesticks here. The high of the candlestick will be made above the resistance level. Often times, price would have traveled a long distance prior to the breakout happening. I tend to doubt if it would have the “energy” or the steam to continue to move in the breakout direction. Equal highs in a down-trend are a strong bear signal; and are followed by a long downward spike. As an aggressive trader, you can short immediately when the price stalls after the pullback forms and starts to come down.

Using a stop loss will help you limit your loss if you get caught in bull or bear traps. To get the most out of your stop loss orders, you should get in the habit of using them every time you trade. A stop loss will always keep your losses in check, so you don’t lose more than you can handle. The value is briefly broken once it hits the resistance level. However, it swiftly reverses the direction, generating a bearish candlestick that looks like a bright star or a pin bar.

No matter what market (e.g., Forex, Stock, Cryptocurreny, Commodity, etc.) you’re going to trade on, you should know market dynamics good enough to understand its sentiment. Finally, never open a highly leveraged position in hope for quick profit in these trading setups, because price can easily turn agains you and put you out of the game. Every problem has some solutions and bull trap is not an exception. These stages could have a few changes in different bull trap situations. It may be a good idea to place a stop-loss order above the recent high to control risk in the event that the price continues moving higher. Use our product library to pull up charts of assets and find one that is in a downtreUse our product library to pull up charts of assets and find one that is in a downtrend. While this article discusses technical analysis, other approaches, including fundamental analysis, may assert very different views.

Although some traders may be disappointed by this, most are better off waiting for confirmation and buying at a higher price than attempting to “get in early” and be trapped. A high RSI might be an indication of a potential bull or bear trap. Many factors bring about a bull trap, and one of the most common is a lack of buying volume on the rally back up to the previous high. As for the experienced ones, they waited for the price to come back and test the resistance zone again.
bull trap pattern
And at the core of most of these traps is investor emotion. The 2 types of patterns to look for in bull trap trade setup. Trading Leveraged Products like Forex and Derivatives might not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Thebull trap pattern forex strategyis based on the forex pattern called the bull trap. Bear traders that took that one, are now trapped and getting losses. Let’s see how to take advantage of the Bull Trap, taking trades to profit from trapped traders. Financial markets are full of traps and traders keep falling on them over and over.

They are buying with a bit of evidence – the price moving above resistance – but they are mostly buying based on hope as the breakout turns out to be fake. A high RSI and overbought conditions also indicate high selling pressure in the case of a potential bear trap. In such cases, institutions may encourage selling off the asset by pushing prices lower. This is to reduce mounting selling pressure and to re-enter at lower prices for better price positions. The influx in buying demand at this point will drive prices back up.